Tube furnace up to 1350°C - FHA/FHC



Models of the standard tube furnace type FHA/FHC can be operated in both a vertical and horizontal position up to 1350°C.

The heating element of this tube furnace consists of an uncovered CrFeAl heating coil which is mounted on a ceramic fibre module. The low thermal mass of the ceramic fibre insulation guarantees low energy consumption and allows high heating rates.

The tube furnace is available in single-zone versions (FHA) as well as three-zone versions (FHC) for extended uniform temperature length.

With its wide range of accessories, this comprehensive tube furnace series provides complete system solutions for ambitious thermal treatment.

Przykładowe Aplikacje

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Cechy ogólne

  • Use in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Exceptional long lifetime and temperature stability
  • Vacuum equipment available
  • Inert and reactive gas equipment available
  • High grade thermocouple type S
  • Low thermal mass ceramic fibre insulation
  • High quality 5 mm APM wire as heating element

Opcje (proszę podać podczas zamawiania)

  • Cascade control
  • Zabezpieczenie przed przekroczeniem maksymalnej temperatury
  • Szeroki zakres zaawansowanych kontrolerów cyfrowych oraz programowalnych rejestratorów, które mogą one być wyposażone w port komunikacyjny RS232, RS485 lub Ethernet 

Technical details

View inside of the tube furnace
  1. outer case
  2. end insulation
  3. case insulation
  4. heating elements
  5. inner insulation (hot face)

The rectangular housing is constructed with slots for convection cooling of the outer housing. With insulation made from low thermal mass ceramic fibre material, the heat conduction is reduced to a minimum.

Inside the tube furnace, the heating element is constructed of vacuum formed fibres containing free radiating heating elements that are attached to the insulation by a ceramic holding ridge.

When compared to conventional heating methods, the 5 mm thick heating wires are combined with a low voltage, heavy-weight transformer power supply that provides an extraordinary long lifetime of the heating elements and temperature stability. The control thermocouple is a high grade type S thermocouple. Additionally, each tube furnace model is available with up to 8 heating zones for the most precise temperature control and uniformity.

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