Carbolite Gero sponsors Innovation Award of the FCC week 2018

Carbolite Gero has a strong bond to CERN due its collaboration in the reaction heat treatment of magnets: Within the last 10 years Carbolite Gero supplied several units for the production of superconductors to CERN, the last one with a usable volume of 10m3.

However, CERN is not only a customer to Carbolite Gero. CERN is the practical realization of theoretical physical research and the epitome of the fundamental definition of education due to the philosopher Robert Spaemann. Robert Spaemann said:

“Education means the inner freedom, to discover how the world would look like seeing it with different eyes and it means to recognize that a single person among many others should take himself not as too important”.

What a great insight, especially in our current world, seeking for self-staging and fast and only easy answers.

Coming back to Robert Spaemann: Three outstanding researchers have shown, that they see the world with different eyes: Based on the existing knowledge they added further value to the topics: properties of Nb3Sn coils, klystron simulation and detector simulation.

For sure, hard work is the key to success. But sometimes great findings are only made, in situations where the young potentials step back from the daily scientific work to relax. This is why Carbolite Gero rewarded the outstanding work of Mr. Felix Wolf, Mr. Jinchi Cai and Mrs. Niloufar Alipour Tehrani each with a travel voucher. Maybe an initial idea will come into their mind during the trip Carbolite Gero has sponsored.

The Innovation award prizes were given to the three award winners during the Gala Dinner of the FCC week by Dr. Timm Ohnweiler, technical director of Carbolite Gero.

Carbolite Gero congratulates to the winners and wishes them all the best for their further scientific career.

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© CERN Geneva / Photography: Elodie Burrillon |

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